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Friday, 29 July 2016

Eagle CAD videos

Basic of Eagle

This tutorial is for beginners.It explain how to draw a schematic ,convert it to PCB,design PCB and how to convert PCB to PDF file.This is the very basic tutorial for beginners. I hope everyone can understand it easily.If anymore doubts feel free to ask...thank you

Thursday, 21 July 2016


Here i am posting a tutorial that explain how to make a simple LED TORCH.Its a very simple and very useful torch.We can easily change the battery after battery charge is empty.


 Circuit diagram



-battery 9V
-resistor 330 ohm
-push button switch
-led 5mm

Components arrangement

First make two holes in the 9v battery socket to place the led,then connect the led positive terminal to one terminal of the push button switch the opposite terminal of the switch connected to the 330 ohm resistor.next side of resistor connected to the terminal wire coming from the positive terminal of the battery.The negative terminal of the LED is directly connected to the negative wire of the battery holder.You can go through my video for more details





Its the video of my propeller display.Here we used an adapter to give supply to the rotating board by using brushes.


This is the program to send and receive data's through UART.In this example program when you write any character through UART, it will send back a string .When micro controller detect any data in UART it will send back a string to the terminal.You can download the program and Proteus file from below link.

string comparison

Here the program compare two strings.In the starting of the program we enter two strings and inside the while loop we compare the string.If the string is same it send  "same string" else write "differt string" through UART.You can download the program and Proteus file below


1. AVR

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Software Reset

Its the code to reset the controller by program.Here i attached the program as well as Proteus file.You can rest the controller two way.One is by pressing the reset switch and next by using program.In program when you write the character 'r' in uart then controller will restart.
clicl here to download the file

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

PCB Design


PCB Design


ALTIUM videos


This is a tutorial that explain very easily How to design a PCB in altium.I hope it will be helpful for all the beginners who wish to design PCB in altium designer.Altium designer is very user friendly.We can make a nice 3D model of PCB in Altium designer.Here i uploaded a video in last step that simply explain how to design a small single layer PCB.
If anyone have doubts feel free to ask,happy to help you.Thank you very much

Tuesday, 12 July 2016